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Evangelists Roy & Melanie Fields

We want to welcome you to our Evangelistic Ministry Website. We have been traveling on the road with our family since 2005. We hope you are encouraged by the pictures, testimonies, videos, and articles of revivals that we have had the honor to have around the world. Our website is constantly updated with brand new things from our journey on the road no matter where we are in the world. We hope and pray that you yourself are IGNITED with the FIRE of GOD & the HOLY SPIRIT as you read, watch, & listen. Enoy and thanks for stopping by. Roy & Melanie Fields

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February 24, 2015

Watch this incredible interview with Pat Robertson & Roy Fields. Roy also performs his new title track song "Stand Up" from his NEW live worship album. The interview was recorded live on the same day as the release for the new record. It was broadcast on most of all the christian channels including the ABC FAMILY Channel. WATCH IT NOW>


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LIVE From The Porch

January 6, 2015

Roy joins the bible study at CFAN on an internet TV program called Live From The Porch. It is a very laid back community kind of setting where they dive into the word of God. On this episode they read and discuss Matthew 9. Roy is joined by his good friends, Daniel Kolenda (Reinhard Bonnke's President of CFAN), Michael Koulianos (Benny Hinn's Son-in-law), & Eric Gilmour. If you missed the LIVE broadcast, you can watch it now by clicking this link: www.theporchlive.com

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Springfield, IL

October 26 - December 5, 2014

What was supposed to be only 4 days of a Fire Conference has turned into 8 days of what some are calling the Sprinfield Renewal. Night after night people conitinue to drive in from all around the state of Illinois and some have even flown in from Minnesota. Over 340 salvations at the altar and numerous miraculous physical healings took place. 17,000 viewers watched by way of web streaming. 56 countries were represented on line. Over 3,500 people attended the meetings. Lives were changed forever and the power of God did what only He could do. To God be the Praise, honor, & all of the glory. Halellujah! Watch some of the highlights of these meetings. WATCH NOW>

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CFAN Interview

October 13 - 26, 2014

Watch Roy's interview with Evangelist Daniel Kolenda on CFAN's World Wide TV Broadcast. It can be seen on local & national stations all over the world. If you missed the broadcast, you can watch them now right here on the web. PART 1 - PART 2

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Binghamton, NY

October 4, 2014

Close to 1,000 people traveled in from all over the United States and overseas to be here in Binghamton New York. Roy has written allot of new worship songs that were sung tonight. One of the favorites of the night was "Stand Up". People were jumping and shouting the words. It was powerful. At the end of the night, Roy gave an altar call and more than 100 people came forward to recieve Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. The DVD & CD of the Worship Recording is set to be realeased in 2015. More details to come. Stay in tune with runwithfire.com for more details. 

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Orlando, FL

August 22, 2014

Andrew Wommack asked Roy Fields to come and minister in music at his Gospel Truth Conference. It was an incredible response as many stood to their feet and worshipped the Lord as Roy sang the song "Unto You". Roy & Melanie have become good friends with Andrew & Jamie Wommack since meeting them in Norway 2 years ago at the GOD TV Winter Celebration.

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August 11, 2014

What an incredible honor it was for Roy Fields to be asked by Benny Hinn Ministries to come and lead the worship for one of the "THIS IS YOUR DAY" tapings in the studios of Benny Hinn here in Santa Ana California USA. 

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Mobile, AL

August 4 - 8, 2014

What a very powerful conference with many anointed speakers. John Eckhardt, Brian Carn, Kim Daniels, Noel Jones, & Ivory Hopkins. We were honored to be apart of it.

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Kansas City, MO

July 25 - 27, 2014

This was Roy & Melanie's 4th time being at World Revival Church in Kansas City, MO USA. Pastors Steve & Kathy Gray have beome good friends of the ministry. This weekedend was powerful as usual. One of the many trademarks of this particular church is the congregation's ability to worship in unity. Such a dynamic response. It was ana amazing weekend. We will definitely be returning.

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London, England

July 20, 2014

What an incredible tour it has been throughout the UK. 13 Cities total for this tour. Kensington Temple Church in London England was the last place on this tour. Tonight was over the top. Over the top. After worship lasted for about an hour, people began to sing in the spirit and it last for 20 minutes. No words, no music, just voices worshipping God. 118 different nationalities were present. At the end of the night, Roy & Melanie laid hands on everyone. In the 2 morning services, more than 30 recieved salvation in Jesus Christ. WOW! WOW! Powerful night and powerful ending of this tour. On to Kansas City, MO this weekend.

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  • 7,983 Salvations World Wide [ 2005 - 2013 ]
  • 2009 New Zealand 101 Decisions for Christ
  • 2009 Australia 386 Decisions for Christ
  • 2008 United Kingdom (We are the Generation Tour) - 1,557 Decisions for Christ
  • Germany 49 Decisions for Christ



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