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We have found all of the pictures from the 1995 African Revival that took place at Marondera High School in Zimbabwe, Africa. Over 1,000 students attend week long revival. This is the story that changed an 18 year old preacher boy's life who knew nothing of the spirit and never laid hands on anyone before. These events that took place will inspire you to tears and joy. Read on.

At the age of 16, Roy Fields was in a Sunday Morning service when a Prophet by the name of Vaughan Jarrold was preaching. During the service, Vaughan called Roy out and began to prophesy over his life about the events that were going to take place soon. Here is one of the most specific things that was said; “For thus saith God, I shall use you mightily in Africa and it shall be For my glory and my glory alone. You shall speak to those that don’t even speak your language and it shall be my glory that they will see in you and I do this just to show you that I am not a respecter of persons that I can use anyone for my glory.” Now at the time that this was going on, I was standing at the altar with my mother standing behind me. The power of God Was so strong that I could no longer stand to my feet, I fell backwards striking my mother down on the floor with me as she Had her head down behind me. Roy’s mother at the time was a divorced single woman raising him as the only child. Vaughan Immediately turned to Roy’s other and said, “You have been faithful to me for all these years and I have a blessing for you Within this year and I shall bless you with this blessing that you will not even be able to contain it.”

At this point everyone knew in that small congregation that the Lord was going to give Roy’s mother a husband. And so within That year she married a very Godly man by the name of Gerald C Hart. At the age of 18 Roy would end up going to Africa With a South African friend by the name of Rudi Louw. Gerald paid for the whole trip for them both to go.

When Roy arrived in Harare, Zimbabwe in January 1995, he had no idea that this trip would literally alter the entire course Of his life by the divine and sovereign hand of God. He traveled to many places leading worship and helping Rudi with some Of the meetings he was preaching. Roy traveled and ministered in Malawi, Zimbabwe, Zambia, & Mozambique. One day while They were traveling on the dirt road for close to 10 hours, they came to the Mozambique border where the border patrol Were a bunch of guys who could do whatever they wanted. And so they did. They ended up robbing Rudi and Roy of over $300 USD. There was nothing they could do about it as these guys both had AK47 guns hanging from their shoulders. Even after they paid them that money, they would not let them cross over the border in to Malawi until the next morning. So Roy & Rudi slept at the border. That night, Roy woke up with a very large spider on his chest. Thankfully, it did not Bite him. Roy did not sleep the rest of the night.

Roy ministered in various places by singing and preaching. During this whole time, Roy had two books with him that he Was studying. The Bible, & The Biography of Smith Wigglesworth. His faith was being stirred everyday being in Africa And watching people get saved and the poor being fed as he was a part of some of those efforts.

It had been close to two months that Roy had been Africa and traveling all over. Upon arrival back to Zimbabwe from Malawi, Roy had to split up from Rudi as he was staying the rest of the trip in Malawi to help in the ministry work there. When Roy returned to Zimbabwe, a head master (School Principal) gave him an open invitation to come and hold a Bible study Meeting at Marondera High School for 1 week. Roy of course accepted and headed that way to spend the Week at the High School. They gave him room and board for his stay and there was no offering. This was an opportunity For Roy to minister on his own for the first time to the youth. The student ages averaged anywhere from 12 – 17 years old.

The first night Roy got to speak, he was expecting a crowd of at least 600 people. To his surprise only 8 students showed Up as it was NOT mandatory for anyone to come to Roy’s Bible study. He was greatly discouraged as they were all saved And knew the Lord. Roy wanted to see the lost come Jesus and people healed. Here was reading Smith Wigglesworth’s Bio about the great miracles that happened in his meetings and of course the Bible about Jesus and his meetings. Just Then one of the older students rebuked Roy and said; “My brother, the Bible says that where two or three are gathered In Jesus name, He is there amongst them.” Roy did not get angry, he received the rebuke and began preaching the Two scriptures that he knew by heart. John 3:16 “For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son That whosoever believes in him, shall not perish but have everlasting life.” and then Gal. 2:20 “For I have been crucified In Christ, it is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me. The life I now live, I live by Faith in the Son of God.”

Now Roy was used to having his guitar or a piano around or some kind of sound system to help him with the meeting. But there was nothing but his voice. After he preached on those two scriptures, he felt the Holy Spirit speak to him and Say call people up for healing and prayer. So they came. One by one for the first time Roy laid hands on them and the Majority of the students fell out under the power of God. Roy had never seen this before with his new ministry. Then some Roy would get the gift of prophecy for. There was one little boy that did not come up for prayer out of the group of students. Roy went right to him and prayed for his leg as it was not right. It was instantly healed and the boy jumped out of his chair To Roy’s surprise, and shouted and ran out the doors. The next day, the boy was running around during school hours and Everyone watched him jump around. That night, the next meeting brought a crowd of 300 students where Roy had to move Out of the classroom they were using for there bible study and move into the auditorium. When Roy walked into the hall to Start the meeting, all of the students were all holding hands and singing that good ‘ole song called “HALLELUJAH” The presence of the Lord was so strong that Roy could not preach or sing, he just began to pray for people all over the Auditorium. Students were dropping everywhere on the floor as the anointing was increasing by the minute in the place. Some were being delivered of demons, others were being healed, some were saying the prayer of salvation, others Were rededicating their lives to Christ. By the end of the night, all of the students were acting like they were drunk. They really were drunk as Roy was to. But they were drunk on the Holy Spirit’s Presence. Around 2:30am, you could Hear the students in all of their different dorm rooms shouting in tongues and praying with a heart that was full of Jesus.

The next day, because of the fame of the night before had grown with students telling other students of what God did, That night 600 students came. And the next night 750 and by the last night the entire body of students in excess of 1000 Came to the meetings. They had to move into the cafeteria as that was the biggest meeting place even bigger than the Auditorium. The teachers came this time and the staff came and lined the walls of the students. The power of God hit the Place one more time. Marondera would never be the same again.

When Roy returned to Harare, Zimbabwe he felt extremely sick. By this time Rudi had returned and Roy was needing Some help with his health. They called the nurses in as his eyes were dilated, he had a fever, his temperature was way Down, asthma was causing some major breathing issues, and he had diarrhea. When the 2 nurses had come, they knew Immediately that Roy had Malaria. What had happened is he had slept the night before all night without his mosquito net Around him and was bitten about 87 times on his left arm. The situation was taking a turn for the worse as Roy was getting Weaker and weaker by the minute. Malaria breaks down your immune system and a very fast rate of speed. The elders In the house began to pray for Roy, but no avail, he was getting worse.

With the little strength that Roy had in his body, he reminded himself that God called him into ministry and this is not the end. When he read the story of how Smith Wigglesworth passed kidney stones and his appendix exploded and yet he kept on Preaching anyways, Roy was so righteously angry that he shouted out, “I WILL NOT DIE” “God? If you could heal Smith, Then you can heal me.” He turned to the elders and told them, “Tomorrow I shall wake up I the morning and have myself A bottle of Coca Cola and this Malaria will be gone and I will fly to Zambia to finish out my mission here in Africa. I am going To Zambia.” Everyone looked at Roy like he was crazy. Many tried to persuade him to staying in bed and not flying out. His symptoms got even worse as the night went on. At times, Roy felt like he was dying. He stayed up most of the night And into the morning. But, when morning came he crawled to the ice box and grabbed a Coca Cola that had been purchased For Roy at his request. As soon as the bottle touched his lips and he swallowed the first drink, instantly sheets of sweat Poured down his face, his fever broke, his eyes were could see clearly again and the temperature of his body normalized. He was healed. He got on the plane that day and flew to Zambia for his last week I Africa.

When they got into Zambia, a man by the name of David Hart was building a discipleship school for the people of Zambia To train them up in the ways of the Lord. David would die of Black River Malaria 2 years from that day. He left behind A wife and 5 children. He was an American from Connecticut who gave up everything to come to Africa and preach The gospel of Jesus Christ. This is a picture that Roy took of David. It would be the last time he would see him.

On return from Zambia back to Zimbabwe, Roy arrived at the Pastors house in Zimbabwe and missed his flight back to America as it was delayed for 1 week. That whole week, God began to speak to Roy about his future in ministry! And the rest is history!

Since January 1995, a girl who was in the meetings contacted Roy in 2007 and emailed him and sent him a letter to tell him that She was in those meetings as a student. She said that was one of the most amazing weeks of her entire life. When Roy got the Email and read it, he fell out of his chair as the Holy Spirit knocked him over and Roy laughed and cried with his wife Melanie, and his Aunt Beverly for close to an hour. How good is God. Do not despise the day of small beginnings.
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