Tonight is a night of praise for our family

My husband and I have been crying out for a financial break through. Only God knew how desperately we needed a blessing in our finances. It was when you spoke a few weeks ago that the Lord says, when everything you has means nothing, I will give you everything...the Lord really spoke in to our lives and our whole concept of how to survive changed. We have been blessing and giving everything. Literally...we have become radical givers. It is a beautiful thing when husband and wife come together for the first in their marriage and pray about everything, give everything, and submit everything to the Lord. Our lives 100 % committed to serving and following the Lord and His will! A week ago someone gave my husband a word from God...it was stop worrying contracts are coming! Today my Husband comes home with a signed contract (the 1st of many to come) and with a check in FULL and the homeowners told him take your time we are in no big hurry. The Lord didn't come just part of the way through he came all the way through!!!!!! Tonight is a night of praise for our family, we thank the Lord for using you Roy and Melanie and coming to Muskegon.

Six Lakes, MI


She is healed and getting her strength back every day

Last Friday Roy called me out of the audience and said to me that I had been praying for someone in my Family, my Mom he said to be well that had been sick for over 2 months and also that her Faith would be stronger because of this. She had been sick with Acute Bronchitis, bladder and urinary tract infections. She is healed and getting her strength back every day. Thank you Jesus

Manistee, Michigan


I have been on fire for the Lord since your Cassville visit

While attending in Cassville Missouri ,my wife was born deaf in her right ear, was healed and now talks on the phone with both. Praises to our Lord. Due to a injury I had less than 20 percent hearing left in my left ear and although still unchecked I believe I have near 100 percent hearing and no more is there a constant ringing. I have been on fire for the Lord since your Cassville visit.

Seligman, Missouri


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