I have given several times in the meeting. Mostly just pulled out a 10 or 20 whatever I had, but the other day you talked about listening to God and asking him what he wanted us to give, so I did. I felt he told me to give $50. That isn’t much but this particular week was a super tight one for us so it was a sacrifice. I thought "do you know what God, I hear you and I want you to know I am listening and I want to give over and above what you even ask for." So I gave $60. I felt really peaceful about it. I think it might have been the next night or maybe two nights later, I cant remember exactly, you had the debt cancellation meeting. I was unable to attend because our daughter desperately needed a good night sleep, but my husband went. I watched the program on line and when it was time to pray for our bills I sat the computer right on top of my bills as you prayed. Again I asked God, "what do you want me to give as a seed." I felt led to give everything I had in my purse. Now don’t get exited it wasn’t that much. So when my husband got home, late of course ,I was already in bed. I asked him to bring me my purse and told him what I was going to do. He crawled in bed as I dumped my whole messy purse onto the covers. I had gobs & gobs of change and loose bills in all different compartments. "Its all yours God every penny." I began to count the money 10, 15, 20, 40, 45, 50 then 55 in dollar bills. Now I was left with was the change. A pretty big pile. I began to think to myself God are you trying to tell me something. As I counted each coin I began to feel the presence of God surround me. Now I don’t care if anyone thinks this is a coincidence or not but MY GOD lets me know how real he is, just by showing up in this little things. I kept counting….. and as I came closer and closer to the last coin I just kept shaking my head. This cannot be happening, there is no way. I gathered up the last pile of pennies……and when I was finished counting……..$60. MY GOD!!!!! Seriously if we ask him to speak to us and then just listen to his still small voice he will talk to us!!!!! Forget about the bills (although I still need some financial breakthrough). THIS WAS SOOOOO MUCH BETTER. I HEARD GOD'S VOICE!!!!!!!! Thanks for pouring out your lives!

Whitehall, MI


When he got up, he was totally healed

My brother, had been in a very serious car accident 3 years ago. He totalled his truck and everyone who saw his little truck marveled that he had even survived. He had very serious back and neck issues resulting from this. The medical field took x-rays, sent him to some therapy, and said that they had done all that could be done for him. He would just have to live with the pain. Perscribed Vicadon, and sent him home. He then went to a chiropractor for pain management. I do not know the exact medical terminology, but suffice it to say his neck was squashed down into his shoulder area, resulting in deteriation of some discs. Last night, Melonie called out a person who had been in a car accident, and had "clicking" in their neck. She prayed for him and he was stuck to the floor. When he got up, he was totally healed. He had been proclaiming his healing for 3 years, and finally got it. He was in the meetings for 3 nights in a row before he recieved his healing. Never give up, as you do not know God's timetable for your healing. By the way, he did not have to take his vicadon this morning to get out of bed. Praise God!

Muskegon, MI


I again started praising the Lord for my healing

Hi Roy & Melanie, I was at the service on Fri the 29th and when Melanie called out some illnesses I went up for mine. God Healed 1 of my afflictions I was about 1/3-1/2 Deaf in my Left ear and when I went to get up from the floor my ear started popping a whole bunch of times real loud. So I new I was being healed I had my friend walk a few feet away from me and whisper something and I heard it and said it back to her and I again started praising the Lord for my healing. You two are a Gift from God to all of us here in Michigan.


Manistee, MI


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