I am over pouring with the spirit of GOD.

I had it all planned on 10-29-10 at your revival I was going to get set free of some personal healing issues I have been struggling with. I told my friend, " I am going to the alter for prayer after the revival" But little did I know GOD had planned it a little bit differently. As soon as I walked through the door I was hit so hard with a migraine I could barley see and i prayed for relief. Then before I knew it I was burning up and my bones ached I thought I have got to go I feel terrible. I couldn't bring myself to tell my friends I had to go because I could see how important it was for them to be there. Then before I knew I was being attacked during praise and worship. So I prayed and prayed and then I before I knew it I was felt fine. I was drunk in the holy spirit "for the first time and can I just say" WOW" and Roy stood in front of me with this big smile and I just started to shake my head as if I was telling GOD no don't you call me out. Then Roy says the lord just told me you have nightmares and he wants to deliver you from them. I went from crying from laughter to a surprised stare. I could not even speak. Because only my husband knows what torture there night terrors are its like I am trapped in hell and can't wake up. Then Roy said do you have nightmares? All I could spit out was all the time. He then asked if he could pray for me. So I walked up to the alter and Roy prayed over me. As I laid there on the ground I was hit so hard my GODS overpowering love for me. I had never felt that close to GOD. Really, really Phenomenal. God took it all right then right there. I have also developed such a intense relationship with the lord and he is my strongest desire. My mind is no longer the battlefield for the devil and I am over pouring with the spirit of GOD.


Six Lakes, MI


the fire I have is contagious

Roy, I’d like to thank you for bringing the fire for the love of Jesus and for coming to our community and sharing the passion for our Lord and for revival. God has been making a unbelievable movement here and your fire will help push it and open doors. God is so Great! My wife, born deaf in one ear, left your worship with static in both ears and today can visit on the phone with either hand, praises to our King, what a Great healer he is! I was overtaken by the spirit the next morning and was overwhelmed for 48 hours, convicted and released of all my sin present and passed, addictions were torn out of me and replaced with love and an unquenchable fire to work for and seek my Great Lord! The changes in my life have just began and the fire I have is contagious, Giddy up I say, May all those around me have a God encounter and be consumed with the fire! God bless you and your family.

Seligman, MS


I felt very calm and peaceful

I've had recurring pain in my lower back for six years. Three years ago the doctor found arthritis and nerve deterioration in my lower spine. On Thursday night November 4th, day 18 the pain was extremely bad, all day long. It was like hot liquid being poured from my neck all the way down my vertebrae into my lower spine, into my legs and into my feet. The worst its ever been. It was difficult to get ready for the meeting. The pain was so bad I was not going to go, but my husband told me to go anyhow. At the meeting I was in terrible pain all night long, curling up on my chair wanting to leave. About halfway through the meeting laughter broke out and my pain was getting worse and worse. But, we stayed to the end of the meeting. It was about midnight when Roy and Melanie prayed for me in the back of the church. Most everybody was on their way out or gone. As soon as they started to pray for me, I felt a warm breeze from the top of my head and as they continued to pray, the breeze was cooler towards the middle of my back and down to my feet. It felt like my vertebrae was going pop, pop, pop, it felt as though pressure was being released, I could actually feel the popping. At that time all I could think of was all the junk I was holding inside for the last 6 years was being released out of me. I felt very calm and peaceful. Then I fell to the floor, and I was crying, and then I was laughing to the song "Happy Day". When I got up, I felt like, "Wow!" Like peaceful and the pain was gone! About 15 minutes later Melanie came over and asked me how I was doing. I told her I felt great, the pain was gone. She then said, the Lord told her that I had a lot of past hurts and guilt that I was hanging on to. I feel like it is completely gone. Set free. Thank you, Jesus!


Muskegon, MI


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