In 1999, I was hit by a drunk driver and was told at the age of 23 that my C4 and C5 verterbrae would need fusing. I said it will have to wait until after having kids. I wanted my mobility in my neck. I was also told I would never survive another car accident. In 2008, my 2 kids, husband and I were in a head on roll over accident. I had a knee injury prior to the accident and was on crutches. In the ER they told me my T12 verterbrae was broken, but since it didn't hurt they were going to leave it alone. GOD IS SO GOOD AND AMAZING!! I SURVIVED BOTH ACCIDENTS, I AM COMPLETELY HEALED IN MY NECK, MY BACK & MY KNEE!! I HAVE NO MORE BONE CLICKING WHEN I TURN MY NECK, I CAN BEND OVER WITHOUT PAIN IN MY LOWER BACK AND MY KNEE IS PAIN FREE. THE MEDICAL HANDS OF MY LORD IS WHAT HEALED ME!!! Thank you Roy and Melanie, you are a precious jewel in His Kingdom and I have learned more about the next level in my spiritual faith.

Your sister in Christ
Canton, PA


I feel better every day

Everything here is great.  It has been over a week and I have not taken my meds for anxiety.  My blood pressure is going back to normal.  I feel better every day.  And I am not taking my reflux meds every day.  I can laugh more these days and I can say I am happy once again. I still have a lot going on but I know God is not done yet. Thanks to God. 



I am thankful to my Lord for healing me!

I was invited to the Revival Services at New Life in Canton by friends.  I drove one and one-half hours to attend the services on Saturday night, August 14 and Sunday morning, August 15, 2010.I stand on my feet for 10 hours per day at my job, working in extremely cold temperatures (at a beef plant) and have been experiencing a lot of pain in my feet for awhile, especially my left foot. Brother Roy prayed for me on Saturday night and the feelings in my feet began to change.  The next morning, Sunday, my feet were feeling well -- no pain.  Thank you, Lord! I am writing this on Monday, August 16, 2010 and I don't feel any pain in my feet.  I am thankful to my Lord for healing me!

Lewisburg, PA


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