Filled with his fire again

I have just watched a repeat on God TV of your 2008 UK tour In Winchester. At last a breakthrough for me as I had hardened my heart and was so lost. I never realised just how much I had backslidden as you would put it. Filled with his fire again and able to turn to Jesus for the help I need so desperately. Thank you, Thank you and once again thank you for your obedience to the lord and his calling on both your lives.

Glasgow, Scotland


rededicated my life

During Thursday night I was backslidden Christian blind in my right eye and suffering from grief cos I had a miscarriage. But thanks to the chat on live streaming not only rededicated my life but was healed during the worship and prayer and I am still on fire now.




I could see Gods power working in us

Roy and Melanie and Family I would just like to personally thank you for taking time out to visit this nation and give everything for us. When you came in January life was a bit upside down and from the outset felt your coming was in Gods timing for my life! When I went out on the streets for the first time I was absolutely amazed to find that I could see Gods power working in us to speak words into other people’s lives. Each time I have been out since I continue to be amazed as to how as you are obedient to God he uses you to minster to others! I am sure we are just starting on something new, but I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for being real people.... It has been such a pleasure having you in our mist and encouraging us. I trust you might be pleased with some of the fruit coming out of your visit and offer Gods peace to you and all your family as you look to leave Wales!




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