God was moving

Firstly, Roy and Melanie - thank you for being so faithful to God and coming to Wales to stir up revival! I wanted to share with you testimony from the Lakeland Outpouring. At the time, I was the only person saved in my family. My Mum started to watch with me, loving the worship music, and then we would video the broadcasts, as they went out at 12 midnight and take them over to my Nan and Grandad for them to watch. One night after watching, they rang and wanted to speak to me - they had given their lives to Jesus! A few months later, after listening to your worship, my Mum also gave her life to Jesus - praise the Lord! Listening to your worship and knowing that God was moving resulted in my whole family coming to know and love Christ. Thank you!


Neath, Wales


The fire fell on me!

Thank you so much for coming to Swansea. Your faith is infectious and you have helped me to recognise that in truth I was luke warm. Over the weekend of the 21st May something happened to me - I was filled with an urgency to get out and tell people about Jesus and the greatness of a personal relationship with him. The fire fell on me! I am excited about this new move and challenge all Christians in Swansea to come experience your ministry. Life changing!! Praise God.

Swansea, Wales


Roy and Melanie prayed with her and she was delivered

I wanted to share that 2 years ago today my daughter tried to kill herself by driving her car off the road. The car was totaled but she didn't have a scratch on her. She was committed to the state mental hospital due depression and self injuring(cutting). While she was still in the state hospital we were able to take her to DSMI in Crystal, MN on a pass. She loved Roy and asked to come back. While you were at DSMI that August both Roy and Melanie prayed with her and she was delivered! Last week she was in Florida with Campus Crusade witnessing to the kids there on spring break!! Today is her 2 year anniversary of being free from depression and cutting!! Thank you for doing the Lord's work and being in MN when we needed you the most. God bless you and your ministry a thousand fold.

Minnetonka, MN


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