So many lives have been impacted

HI just to say a big thank you for coming to Wales. So many lives have been impacted. You came and planted so much into so many lives. Words can not express what impact you have made. Look forward to seeing you all in the summer. BE EXPECTANT, GREAT THINGS IN STORE. KEEP ON KEEPING ON.

Newport, Wales UK


now I know the power of God

Melanie, I can't thank you enough for last night, you have changed my life for the better. I had strong faith in the Lord before but now it has become more real to me than I could ever imagine now I know the power of God.

Tonyrefail, South Wales


Now I can hear everything clearly. Glory be to God!

Reporting a HEALING from partial hearing loss! Many years ago, I had damaged my right ear drum. I was unable to hear clearly: everything sounded jumbled. Apparently, while a one of the revival services, my hearing had been restored and I didn't even notice until several weeks later. I noticed it when I heard someone talking to the right of me and I heard every word they said. I've never been able to understand what said form that ear was. Now I can hear everything clearly. Glory be to God!

Muskegon, MI

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