We have seen the harvest begin to come in

Roy & Mel,
Greetings in the Lord from FWB! How are you all doing? I pray that '07 has begun at earnest for you as it has began for us. Ft Walton is looking different already! We have a new & refreshed view of our town, but also of this nation. Since you guys were here, the Lord spoke clearly to me and others that His messengers (D. H. first, then you) had spoken and imparted unto this body the message He wants us to carry for Him...SOULS! SALVATION! THE KINGDOM IS INDEED AT HAND! We have seen the harvest begin to come in the last 2 weeks. New people, complete families coming in, deliverances, salvations, all of it. Our faith has increased, our boldness has increased, my brother & sister, I tell you, it's different here. Even in the jail, I had the largest group ever last week, and had 4 salvations right then & there! Praise God Almighty!!!!!

I got a DVD from R. S. that his friend put together with your music and a montage from the Revival weekend. It is awesome!!!May the Lord continue to pour out His Mighty Holy Spirit in you and through you, and that from His glorious riches he blesses you household. We love you and thank God for you. See you soon!

R. & C. M.
Ft. Walton Beach, FL


On the way home I pop in Roy's single CD

Dear Roy & Melanie,
I work very long and crazy hours at my job. I am faithful to include God in my morning and I alwys ask for His direction and influence in my day but somehow the business of the day can crowd out my thoughts of Him.
After working a twelve hour day, I feel there's nothing left of me to give. On the way home I pop in Roy's single CD, "Lord, I thank you" and sing along with it.That CD has ministered to me night after night reminding me of who I am, what I've become and the amazing things that God has done in my life! PRAISE His Name!

Binghamton, NY


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